Saturday, 13 June 2009

Questions for Dr Karl, part IV

Our bodies are composed of a large amount of water and each day we are required to replace the water that is lost to maintain healthy bodily function. We consume water in drinking and eating, and lose water in urinating, sweating and breathing. If we are to sufficiently replace lost water, why is that we excrete so much of it, apart from the reason of removing toxins from the body. Here is an example: If you drink a large quantity of water in one go, most (if not all) will be excreted in urine soon after. If water was so vital for the body, wouldn’t the body have developed a way to harbour the excess water or even utilise it rather than excrete it at once. I know for a fact that I don’t drink enough water and as a result my body is dehydrated. If I drink a large volume of water, most of it is excreted in urine. Why isn’t my body designed to use that water even though I know that I am often dehydrated? Is that part of the imperfection of the human body?


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