Monday, 6 April 2009

Fashionably scientific

For the hard-core fashionable scientists out there, this one is for you....

Science T-shirts
Made with molecules

I absolutely love it!


Sara @ said...

Many thanks for the mention! Our main link is .

Regarding your old poll in the sidebar about typing and spaces, using 2 spaces was traditional in the days of manual typewriters for reasons related to both the font styles and mechanics.

The Scientress said...

Sara, that's interesting to know about the origin of two spaces. I still continue to use two spaces til this day. Thanks!

delilah said...

oh i've seen these on etsy :)
i love the molecule necklace.

we had a nerd dress up night at our uni camp and i made tee's of amino acids on them because the we call ourselves LAK! So nerdy but so hot.