Saturday, 28 March 2009

Suprising wild animal instincts

Earlier this year, the state of Victoria in Australia was ravaged by several bush fires. The devastation caused by the bush fires was described as Australia's worst natural disaster. Up to 300 lives were lost and 5000 people were displaced from their homes. In addition to the toll on human lives, thousands of animals were injured and even perished from the infernos. In amongst the chaos, which last for many weeks, several stories of bravery, survival and courage came forth including this heart-warming story about the Australian fire-fighter who gave a wild koala a drink from a bottle of water. This story made headlines around the world and video footage was taken during this moment.

Edit: It seems that the Koala, affectionately known as Sam, has attracted alot of popularity since her debut (

Video: Youtube

Another recent incidence of 'suprising wild animals instincts' came from Borneo in Malaysia. A mother organutan and her baby were reportedly stranded on a tree for several days trying to escape from a flood. Since orangutans are known to be afraid of water, it came as a shock to rescuers when they threw her a rope in an effort to pull her to through the water onto land. The mother reached for the rope and held onto it as she was pulled across ensuring that her and her baby's head remained above water.


These two examples of survival instincts shows the display of intelligence by wild animals which are often over-looked or underestimated by humans. It also shows the level of trust offered by animals in times of desperation especially when a baby is involved.

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