Thursday, 25 September 2008

Launch of National Breast Cancer Foundation campaign turns Australia pink!

To officially launch the National Breast Cancer Foundation (NBCF) pink ribbon campaign, cities around Australia have turned their lights on to light up important landmarks. Breast cancer month is inaugurated annually in October to raise funds for research and raise awareness of breast cancer, which can affect 1 in 8 women and also the lives of their families and friends. Each capital city and a few additional cities in Australia will participate by lighting up notable landmarks in pink – the official NBCF campaign colour. Perth will play a part by lighting up several major landmarks including Winthrop hall at the University of Western Australia. As I was driving home today, I caught a magnificent view of Winthrop hall and just had to stop to takes some pictures.


Government-funded research to be made freely available to public

It's about bloody time, i say. I read the following article today (a recommended read) which got me quite excited. In short, Australia is looking to make publicly-funded research findings freely available to all. I think this is a great idea and something that should have been implemented long ago. Some of the reasons as to why research findings should be accessible to all are outlined in this old post.

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