Wednesday, 9 April 2008

Air Zoo

This story made me smile when I saw it on the news today. No, it’s not your typical New York street trash but a clever idea sparked by fine arts student, Joshua Harris. The creator of Air Zoo, Harris, had the idea of bringing nature back into the city. Normally lying motionless and limp, the constructed garbage bag animals are suddenly injected with life and vigour as air from the underground subway rushes up through street air vents changing the street-scape and giving passers by something light-hearted and entertaining to gaze upon. Once the train has passed, the animals collapse into a random and lifeless heap until the next train is due. His first garbage bag animal creation was a white polar bear (see YouTube video). Only a few days ago, he displayed a 6-foot giraffe. His idea has been received positively by passers-by.


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J A G U A R I T O said...

Wow, this is awesome!! :-)