Tuesday, 1 April 2008

Acts of God?

Earlier today, I was reading through the ‘terms and conditions’ of a competition I was about to enter and as I skim read through the standard wording I came across the following:

In the case of the intervention of any outside agent or event which naturally changes the result or prevents or hinders its determination, including but not limited to vandalism, power failures, tempests, natural disasters, acts of God, civil unrest, strikes; the Promoter may in its absolute discretion cancel the competition and recommence it from the start on the same conditions.“

I have never come across “acts of God” in the wording for terms and conditions of any competition I have ever entered. Is this a common occurrence? Can this clause be used in the legal system or is this a huge misinterpretation on my part? I'm not an atheist and I don’t mean to offend anyone but I find this unusual and almost comical in this context.

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J A G U A R I T O said...

Haha! Comical indeed! Thank you for brightening up my night :-) My brother is a lawyer and has had to write up a few things just like this, so I'll ask him sometime about it. See you tomorrow!