Friday, 22 February 2008

Pilobolus' symbiotic performance

I only discovered the TED website tonight which i am absolutely loving and have added to my favourites. While browsing TED, i came across this act which i thought was indescribably beautiful. The fluid performance is subject to interpretation but is described by TED as "Pilobolus dance company members Otis Cook and Jennifer Macavinta perform the sensuous duet "Symbiosis". Does it trace the birth of a human relationship, or the co-evolution of a pair of symbiotic species? That's left for you to decide. Gorgeous, organic choreography blurs the boundaries between the two performers, who use the body's own geometry to lift, move and combine".

One of the comments left by a viewer described the performance perfectly as "beautiful physical poetry".


georj said...

Hi, Afro Scientress, this is georj.

I viewed this post this morning and have to view it again... like what you've said, it's "indescribably beautiful"! The "act" is sublime! can't find the precise word to describe how beautiful the act is! The movements were smooth, flowing and sensuous! Many movements were culled from "yoga" positions and i know how difficult they are (i do yoga and it takes a lot of "body and mind conditioning" before i can actually do some of the yoga positions) and yet, the performers did it with so much ease and grace!It takes a lot of discipline, constant practice and passion, i must say, to be able to deliver that kind of performance!I was so inspired by the "act" so i decided to attend my yoga class in the gym where i regularly workout! In fact, i just arrived from my workout!


The Afro Scientress said...

Hi Virgie, yes i also couldn't find the right words to describe this performance so the next best thing for me at the time was to copy and paste the comments left by previous viewers LOL. I did recognise some of the movements from Yoga as i used to do it myself. I could not imagine how hard it would be to make the movements stream-lined, especially in time to the music! I just loved the way their bodies rolled off each other at times and at other times, there seemed to be this physical magnetism that held them together but looked effortless on their part. I am glad it inspired you to attend a yoga class :)
Thank you for taking the time to look at my blog.