Wednesday, 4 July 2007

HABITAT: The Scientress and the laboratory

The Scientress remains elegantly poised as she waits patiently for a signal from the agarose gel. As she hovers, the intensity of her eyes pierce the wells of the gel which give in submissively, allowing her to begin loading the DNA into the wells. Her chemical-infused white plumage and dishevelled mane fall victim to the beads of sweat trickling from her forehead and down her spine. The air is thick with concentration. Her alert senses make her aware of the incessant electric hum of distant power packs in the wilderness, running DNA in the race for results. However, her strong dedication to the gel makes her unaware of territorial scientists lurking between lab benches in the background trying to distract her from her efforts to submit within three years. The laboratory is her savannah.

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J A G U A R I T O said...

Wow! This is beautiful! And hilarious! :-)