Saturday, 30 June 2007

Internet dating ... for scientists

I subscribe to "The Scientist", which is a free science e-newsletter delivered to my inbox a few times a week. Just last week, an article ("Darwin hits dating", June 25th 2007) featured in this newsletter describing dating websites for "beautiful people" and how one Australian who created a beautiful people dating website named it "Darwin dating" refering to Charles Darwin's theory of Natural selection ie. the natural process of selection whereby stronger and favourable traits become more common from generation to generation because their capacity to thrive against less favourable ones is greater. For the most part, this article described these dating websites but at the end it mentioned a dating website for scientists!!! This took me by suprise, although i have actually wondered whether one existed once or twice before. The website is Science Connection ( Its motto reads "the network for single people interested in science or nature". Naturally, I had to have a quick look at a few profiles and pictures but i found it hard not to see the humour in it and had a joke about it with a few of my colleagues. Scientists are usually stereotyped as eccentric, hard-working people with not much of a social life, which i can attest to. So to actaully see something like this was mildly amusing. The website boasts of a high successive rate even with an "off-spring" statistic - only a science dating site could get away with an off-spring statistic. One thing which i had to shake my head at were the images of a male and female scientist who looked as if they were a match and were in contact with each other using their laptops to communicate. But it wasnt this nerdy laptop photo that i had to disapprove of, but the fact that they were in their lab coats sitting on the lab floor!!! That goes against all laboratory safety regulations. Just incase you were wondering (i was), there is an alternative website for homosexuals called Alt Sci Connection which has a motto of "the meeting place for gay people into science".

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