Sunday, 24 June 2007

A celebration?

1st June 2007

Today (June 1st) marks the first year anniversary of starting my PhD (ie. the start of my second year). I dont know whether i should be happy or sad. I guess i feel a little of both:
Happy, because:
- I've made it through my first year
- I dont have the urge to throw it all in
- I actually have results which i will present at a conference next week.

Sad, because:
- That's one year gone and now i have even less time to complete what feels like would take 5 years to finish
- I can't walk around and blame all my mistakes on being a first year student- I actually have to sound knowledgeable now as opposed to acting it

Anyway, regardless of how i felt, i stopped by my favourtie pastry shop this morning (hey, i was in the neighbourhood, sort of) and picked up an almond flan to share with my colleagues. They all looked at me a little confused but nevertheless, wished me well.

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